Upgrading and Development

Electronic devices need repair and replacement over time. This requirement is intensified for electronic devices used in industrial environments. Repairing electronic cards and equipment needs specialized skills and knowledge and must be done according to the instructions provided by original manufacturers. Paya Control Afzar’s knowledgeable and experienced experts are capable of repairing electronic devices used in different industries when needed according to engineering standards set by original manufacturers.

The solutions offered for upgrading and development include:

Upgrading VME monitoring systems

VME monitoring system uses an old technology to control and display processes that dates back to several decades ago. The system has been designed based on a simple user interface that provides users with limited features. Its main disadvantage is that the VME relies on old computer systems. In addition, it can only be used and implemented on computers designed by the original manufacturer.

Paya Control Afzar offers POWS-based solutions to upgrade the existing VME monitoring systems. This will eliminate the need for using previous generations of computers as the new system can be implemented in a PC-based fashion. In addition, the new software provides users with variety of features including records of the existing events within the system, reporting, simultaneous displaying of two trends or several faceplates, etc. The new system can:

  • Provide clients with suitable hardware requirments
  • Be easily installed and launched with no requirement to stop the process
  • Work in parallel with the previously installed systems
  • Start working without any disruption/halt in the process and other existing systems
  • Extract data from the new DCS system and transfer the data to other nodes through LANs
  • Provide users with access to event journals and many other features
  • Display process data in the form of historical trending on operator stations

Upgrading DeltaV control systems

Paya Control Afzar offers various services to upgrade DeltaV control systems, including:

  • Upgrading the existing system from Windows NT to Windows XP or Windows 7
  • Increasing the number of Operator Stations
  • Enhancing system capacity and increasing the number of input/output signals
  • Adding new workstations such as Application Workstation
  • Adding new workstations installed far away in the form of Remote Workstations

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