Support and Maintenance

Any industrial environment may contain several systems and equipment, each requiring maintenance and inspection for acceptable performance and longer service life. Neglecting this requirement can lead to reduced useful life cycle of equipment and disruptions in production process. Paya Control Afzar provides control systems installed at process units with support and maintenance solutions. Our experts conduct troubleshooting through periodic inspections to anticipate required actions to guarantee continuous and seamless operation of control systems.

Examples of support and maintenance services include:

  • Engineering, troubleshooting, reconfiguration and changes in graphic displays for DeltaV control systems
  • Engineering, troubleshooting, reconfiguration and modifications in graphic displays for Provox control systems
  • Hardware/software troubleshooting of VAX and AlphaServer engineering computers for Provox control systems
  • Programming and hardware/software troubleshooting for Hima PLC systems
  • Programming and hardware/software troubleshooting for Siemens PLC systems
  • Hardware/software troubleshooting of PSA monitoring systems

Engineering Services

Upgrading and Development

Repairing Electronic Devices

Design and Manufacture of Electronic Cards

Installation and Commissioning

Training and Consulting

Supply of Parts and Equipment